Offshore Wind Services

NEMM provides a variety of local services for the offshore wind industry.

Protected Species Observers

Full time, certified PSO's available for long-term contracts or short-term capacity.

Offshore Fisheries Liaisons

Full time, qualified, GWO trained liaisons equipped with an industry-leading technology package.

Fishing Vessel Engagement

We can assist you with your scout and safety boat needs drawing from our existing 250 vessel customer base.

Advanced Marine Camera Solutions

Lets talk about what our cameras can do for you.

Data Services

Including collection, analysis, management and storage.

Fisheries Consulting

Specializing in technology and skillful communication


Fishing industry and other stakeholder relationships along the entire East Coast

Act Local: Our offices and staff on the East Coast are local to your project

Thousands of staff days at sea

Competitive pricing and extraordinary value

Technical solutions that save time, money and reduce your risk

Proven track record operating offshore

Leverage NEMM's Offshore Wind Data Services

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