Fisheries Technology

The most technologically advanced and locally connected fisheries solutions.

AI-Driven Electronic Monitoring and Seafood Traceability

Offshore Electronic Monitoring

NEMM installs camera systems on vessels, reviews video footage on-shore, and produces reports for fisheries managers and regulators.

NEMM is currently operating in multiple EM programs on over 150 vessels in the scallop, clam, lobster, groundfish, and tuna fisheries.
NEMM staffs full time technicians from Maine to Florida and has industry leading response time.
NEMM can provide cell and satellite data transmission upon request.

Electronic Dockside Monitoring

NEMM’s work does not stop when the fish hit the dock. NEMM provides support to offload facilities, dealers, processors, distributors and retailers. 

NEMM provides custom camera systems for dockside monitoring
Accurate within 1% of dealer reports
Cost effective
Eliminates scheduling and capacity issues

Automated Fish Identification

NEMM provides custom image collection systems and corresponding AI solutions to automatically identify fish along the seafood supply chain.


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